Thursday, October 11, 2007

Salsa Dance

Hi, Ever heard the word Salsa. If not, let me explain something -

Salsa refers to a fusion of informal dance styles having roots in the Caribbean (especially Cuba), Latin America and North America. Salsa is danced to Salsa music. There is a strong African influence in the music and the dance.

Salsa is usually a partner dance, although there are recognized solo steps and some forms are danced in groups of couples, with frequent exchanges of partner. Improvisation and social dancing are important elements of Salsa but it appears as a performance dance too.
(Source- Wikipedia)

And do you know there is an Online Salsa Dance School - Here you can learn Salsa with help of Online Videos and DVDs they provide. They review your steps also. There are Dance Video available on website for every level- Beginners,Intermediate or Advanced.

Here is one Video taken from their site-

And their members says that the Videos are amazing. Their Salsa dancing skills have been improved a lot. They are very happy with the qualities of DVD they are getting from the school.

If you want to learn Salsa Dancing from this site you can join through this page -


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